Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Introduction

Hi,,first of all,,let me introduce my self,,my name is Raia...This is my very first fashion blog...
I'm so excited to write on this blog, actually I already have a blog,,but it's about my general thought and medical things that sometimes makes me bored....
This picture is captured in a studio,,for my college year book....Look so fab huh,,:D

I think it's enough,,no need to talk more..Cos I have no more words to write :D

C u...x.o.x.o


  1. cihuiiiii...ko baru 1 sih na isinya...narsis deh,,,hahaha..

  2. hihihi,,ya harus donk put,,eh komen ke blog ku yang laen donk,,,

  3. nanaaa, kok kaos eipelku diembat siiiiyy, xixi..
    apik dech na kamu pake baju yang photonya di tangga, yang pake tas kecil..sipP..

  4. @ nonna anna
    akhirnya ada yang menghargai hasil karyaku,,,heheh maksih...:)