Monday, September 9, 2013

the celebration of 26 :D

Last 30 of august I became older :D
I went home and gathered with my family, no big celebration, just little bit quality time of family.
Actually, I did not want to be lonely at my birthday..hihhiiii :D

I took the first flight of Lion air to Jogja. And this is my failed rocky style hahaaa

this provocative bag was only idr 50.000, i just loved that provocative words hahaa

my skirt only idr70k i bought in Thamrin City hahaa, and my Esprit watch I bought it in Ballad Jeddah when I did Umrah, no need to mention how much my watch was :D
At 31 of august, I went to Solo with my family, picked up my lil brother and had some lunch there :D
And it was my outfit.
my lil bro

my blouse was about idr140k I bought in Kalibata City and my shoes was about idr60k.

I am not a brand minded, but sometimes I love luxurious stuff. If I have more money I buy the branded ones. For me, The important thing is how comfy you are when you get yourself well-dressed :D

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Happy 26

Finally I reach this term of age hihihihi
Resolution..? Goal...?
Just one thing ;)

May Allah ease everything..may I become better each secon

Allahul musta'an :)