Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Indonesia Fashion Week 2015 part 2

Today’s post is about the local brand booth from many part of Indonesia archipelago. From west to east and north to south. I know I’m excessive :P.

I supposed in blogger booth hahaa

The batik watch from Surabaya was the most unique thing I’d seen there, but pardon me, I forgot the brand.

I came there with my very fashion in crime bestie, Miss Interior Designer Hestia. This is our pic.

The excecutive is one of mid-hi fashion local brand in this country. It stands above Delami Brands, founded in Bandung .  This company has been run since 1979. In the next Eid days, the company will colaborate with three muslim designer such as Jenahara, Ria Miranda and Hannie Hananto.  Can’t wait for the collection of course. J