Thursday, December 19, 2013

MC-ing G-Talk

It was the first time I became a Master of Ceremony. The talkshow was named G-Talk, we discussed about Gender Equality in Islam. According to my religion there is no feminist, because Islam honors the woman, it protects woman right. We should read up deeper to discuss about it :D

taken from HTJ admin facebook group

There were three speakers. Mahdavi was the first speaker. He's a novel writer of Ratu yang Bersujud. The novel discussed about the reason why woman wear hijab (headscarf).

taken from kak iwed smartphone :D
Second speaker was Mrs. Rita Soebagio, a woman researcher of INSIST and secretary general of ALIA.
The third speaker was Irna Mutiara, she's womanpreneur, fashion designer (my fave one).

taken from kak iwed smartphone

And there was my outfit :)

unbranded dress, grey blazer and polka headscarf

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