Monday, August 12, 2013

shar'ee hijab inspiration

Do you know Sarah Vi..? yes, she's an indonesian artist on her time. She has been wearing hijab since 2010 but not as istiqomah as now.
And now, alhamdulilllah, her hijab is shar'ee, coverage her whole body and not tight already :)
Yes, people changes... change to be  better right, closer to Rabb closer to jannah :)
There are some pictures of me those inspired by her :)

my pashmina bougt at safiina galery, you can reach it at instragam

my Fila eyeglasses makes me bankrupt..hahaay

i bought my dress at my friend's ol shop

it's 60 rupiahs shoes, Esprit watch I bpought in Jeddah, and Soka sock :D

here it is, she inspires me :)


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