Sunday, July 14, 2013

in love with terracotta

Hi worlds, meet me again. This is about terracotta flavour. i'm in love with it. My skirt is my own design :D at first i want to sell it, but wear my own design is such a pride for me. Love the color.

How about the bag, i bought it in market place idr50.000. I think being fashionable is not always have to spend much money. :D

so, show me yours, your own design :D Happy Sunday people :)


  1. beautiful and i agree ,,fashionablenot means that you must spent lot's of money

  2. such a beautiful colour. I love terracota as well :D

  3. i agree with you too about not spending much money
    fashion is something that make you more comfortable ^^
    btw, would u mind follow each other?
    let me know ^^
    thank u :)

  4. Agreed! Anyone can be stylish with low budget :)

  5. yeah you can always mix and match yang murah juga bisa kliatan oke ;)

  6. agreed with you. kenapa harus keluarin duit banyak kalau yg murah aja bisa jadi fashionable :)

    following you dear, mind to following back ? thanks ;)