Thursday, February 23, 2012

Award Nomination and Tag :)

actually I really don't know what is it about, but just let me try to write it :D thank you to fashionable muslimah stories for nominate me :)

Thank the blogger who nominated you in your post!
List seven facts about yourself, that your followers may not know!
Then nominate fifteen blogs for the award!

Okay by facts
  1. I'm gonna be a GP for next March
  2. I'm a magazine junkie
  3. I'm the first daughter
  4. I love books
  5. I love art
  6. I'm trying to be designer :D
  7. I design some of my clothes and accesories

I nominate...
     1. miss prairie
     2. called ambreen
     3. muslim street fashion
     4. hijabi with style
     5. fennya listie


  1. thank you for nominating me, dear :) I'll do this nomination post on my tumblr blog and will give you the link on a comment when I do it.

    thanks again !

    love, shay !