Saturday, December 17, 2011

when they are getting so old

They played with you, they fed when you cry, they changed your diapers when it was wet. And how about now? when the beautiful things in your child thought is so different. The past told you that your grandma was always neat in daily life, the past told you that your grandpa was so strong to play with you. But the present presents you, that your grandma is so untidy, that your grandpa is so weak and just whine to you, and guess what you do? you ignore them, avoid them even you think better not to meet them. is that what in your mind? Be wistful please :)
that statement ever cross in your mind right?

Honestly, it was the thing that cross in my mind a couple hour ago, when I think a home is really place to rest, but suddenly change into an old folks home. Oh Astaghfirullah, please forgive me ya Rabb.

So where's my care?
how ashame I am, when I told this to my daddy. He said, old people is funny dear, they're just like children. And then i remember what the best thing they did to me, raised me when my father hadn't finished his med school. i'm grandparents child, but look what I'm thinking about them. I was acting like them when I was child and they treated me so well, how about me now? i'm reluctantly giving them my best treatment. What ashame.

But Alhamdulillah I shared it with my daddy, I found the enlightment. I know they love me forever without any requisite. So I will love them back, and try my best in caring of them.

note to my self. :)

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