Friday, November 25, 2011

the late post :D

actually I'm still not in the mood to post anything about my daily style :p, but suddenly I find these pictures in my folder :D so here's the review.

this was my hi-school mate's wedding party in October 2011. it's just some kind of reunion, cos some of us had gone out of the town to get their carrier. most of them were in Jakarta, the capital city of this country. We met, we talked, we chat, we laughed together.

here's the dress, these were traditional dress in my country, it's called Kebaya, but most of us made it modificated,,and then people called it modern kebaya :)

some of us wore modern kebaya

they are my besties :)

we are beautiful chic rite :P
and this is what I wore :D

all these stuff are belong to my mom :D

 my mom helped me a lot, she put the hijab in my head and picked the dress for me.

so here there are, sorry for bad pictures, i took those with my BB :D

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