Monday, August 29, 2011

best gift in 2011

just feel like the other day...
nothing special,,except I always celebrate it just by myself...
in my lovely home,,near my lovely family and far away from my besties :)

this year was so great,,meeting someone whom I think I was into him but he wasn't...and all the sorrow things that happened in and after i'm with amazing...that's just one of my big process being mature...Alhamdulillah,,we are not hate each other now,,but i'm still dying to make our relationship better...not as a couple maybe,,,just as a friend...cause he's such a lovely friend,,I think,,and I don't wanna lose him :)
*Alhamdulillah,,for let him came into my life ya Rabb :)
ok it's enough,,that's just a short story about something that happen in the past

and what's the best gift,,the moslem celebrate my birthday :)
i think it's the best give i've ever have...

so what's my hope...?
i just want to keep istiqomah in Allah's way,,insya Allah
i just want to be a wise doctor
i just want to be an extraordinary moslemah designer
i just want to be a great young lady for a great my long life man to be
i just want a better life in world and my next life

just those points,,,insya Allah,,just always keep trying and praying,,may Allah bless my hopes :)

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