Saturday, November 21, 2009

Punk lady

Avril lavigne is one of my fave artist,,I'm her big fans. And she inspires me to create this style. I'm not exactly sure this is work it. But at least I'm trying. :D

I bought this jacket at local distro in my hometown, it's about IDR 150.000.

I bought this converse in the Planet Sport when my first time in college

This skirt is very old, I bought it when I was 15 year old.


  1. how if you...
    put off the skirt, wear dark jeans, long-gothic T shirt, and a tie?
    I was just trying to imagine avril here, anyway..


    - Puspa :)

  2. hahaha,,i'm just trying for nu avril lavigne,,,btw how can u find this trash blog..
    it's embarrased me :D

    check out my other blog

  3. why would you entitle ur own works as 'trash'?
    keep up the good work :)