Saturday, October 31, 2009

Holiday in Jakarta

I'm still waiting for my turn to enter the internship in hospital,,waiting kind of a boring stuff, right.?!so I went to Jakarta with my fam. Here's the first day I arrived there.

My Minimal white blazer, eiffel tee from my bestfriend, brown jeans, my BeBob sandal,,that's all local products. :)

Second day I went to Ragunan zoo and Mekarsari fruitpark with my mom.

My newspaper print out tees,,my lovely tote bag,,and my black stone neklace...I heart local product...:)

The third day I went home, feel tired but I'm happy. :)

I wore my Zara tee (my birthday gift from my bestfriend, my black white blazer, my black leggging, and of course the only on sandal. :)


  1. naaa, nonna anna like this naaa..lucuuuu..

  2. @nonna anna....makasih mba...hihihih :D

  3. I like your white blazer and Zara dress so cool!^^